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KKCG turns everychallenge intoa success story

Allwynis one of the largestlottery groupsin Europe

More than 100 years'worth of experience in the energy sector

ARICOMA Group, Central European IT leader

High-quality livingwith premium designchoices

Karel Komárek


Four pillars

Our business

Four diversified pillars guarantee a stable business that focuses on the areas of lotteries, energy, information technologies, and real estate – the aim of all parts of the Group is long-term growth potential. Our business is based on respect, responsibility, stability, and courage.

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Our values

Our business is built on respect for people, for natural resources, for the legacy of our ancestors, and for the society of which we are part. All of us individually, and our companies as a whole, are responsible for our actions.

We are a trustworthy and stable partner to our employees and business associates. We regard all facets of our business from a long-term perspective. Our vision inspires both individuals and companies to find the courage to put their plans into action.

About us

The main pillar of our business is the lottery and gaming industry, followed by the energy sector, and information technologies. These key sectors are complemented by strategic and long-term investments in real estate market projects.

Our vision

We are a private investment group that seeks projects with investment potential unseen by others. At KKCG, we see potential beyond the bounds of ordinary imagination. Our approach allows us to go where others do not venture.

We regard all investments in a broad context, with a clear long-term vision.


People of KKCG

Karel Komárek Jiří Radoch Pavel Šaroch Miroslav Jestřabík Katarína Kohlmayer Martin Škopek Michal Tománek Štěpán Dlouhý Alena Bastis Dana Dvořáková Jakub Sokol Radka Vondrašová Petra Dolejšová Jakub Skavroň Jonathan Hoffmann Pavel Turek