KKCG’S IT pillar leverages size, expertise, and support to provide world-class IT solutions that help businesses and organizations stay ahead of the curve. Our focus spans a wide range of areas, including application development, commercial software, system integration, digitalization of public administration, and cybersecurity.

Our talented team of experts works tirelessly to create innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients across industries. We're dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality and customer service and are committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients.

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KKCG’s technology pillar has grown to become a leading European technology player with annual revenues of nearly EUR 500 million (CZK 11.7 bn), employing more than 4,000 experts.

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Business areas in technologies

The cornerstone of the technology pillar is the technology umbrella company ARICOMA Group Holding.

This represents the largest Czech IT holding, which is gradually fulfilling its ambition to become a leader on the international market.

Companies Management
  • Michal Tománek
  • Investment Director and Deputy Chief Investment Officer
  • Milan Sameš
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of ARICOMA Group
IT Innovations

We help startups launch growth and global expansion

The Springtide Ventures fund is a KKCG subsidiary that has been, since 2016, investing in European and Israeli start-ups active in high-growth IT segments, such as cloud, IT security, artificial intelligence, and online trading platforms. It focuses on more advanced projects that already have a product, market fit, and customers. Springtide Ventures has offices in Europe, Israel, and in the US.
KKCG is also one of the major shareholders of JAZZ Venture Partners and its strategic partner for Europe. The fund is based in Silicon Valley, USA, and invests in companies in the Human Performance Technology sector.

Companies Management

We invest in expensive biotechnology

Biotechnology research and the transfer of the results derived from it to the marketplace is a very costly, high-risk enterprise. KKCG is one of a small number of Czech corporations engaged in this area. We develop state-of-the-art medical devices that improve the quality of life for patients.

Our funding provides support for clinical trials of Senescence and MitoTam developed by Professor Jiří Neužil at the Institute of Biotechnology.

Companies Management
  • Eugen Chicevič
  • CEO and Cofounder, MEDICEM
Medical & BioTech

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