Our business is built on our inherent strengths – KKCG's size and resources, ability to succeed in new markets, expertise in the IT and biotechnology sectors, and experience with effective management.

1/2 our success

ARICOMA Group expands to international markets

ARICOMA Group expands to international markets

  • 307 mil. EUR

    consolidated revenue

  • 23 mil. EUR

    EBITDA value

  • 2 800 employees

    in ARICOMA Group companies

A major international acquisition and the organic growth of ARICOMA Group companies – these are the main factors behind the current success of the ICT pillar of KKCG business activities.

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2/2 our success

Self-service kiosks at McDonald’s thanks to AUTOCONT

Self-service kiosks at McDonald’s thanks to AUTOCONT

  • 10

    technologies used

  • 98


AUTOCONT, a purely Czech IT company and part of the ARICOMA Group, provides comprehensive IT solutions and services for corporate clients and state administration, making it gradually one of the most important companies in the field of large-scale ICT projects. One of them was the introduction and installation of self-service kiosks in McDonald’s restaurants.

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Business areas in technologies

The future development of the IT pillar of KKCG’s business to rely on the ARICOMA technology holding

With a portfolio comprising leading Czech and foreign companies, ARICOMA's strategy is based on the trend that more and more businesses are changing the ways in which they use IT services. The goal is to provide new-generation IT services that guarantee comprehensive coverage for customers' diverse needs. Our flagship, AUTOCONT, specializes in ICT corporate infrastructure and enterprise information systems. We develop software and provide IT outsourcing, ICT security, and cloud services, and our portfolio includes contact centers. We have state-of-the-art data centers in Prague and South Moravia that offer not only secure storage, but also maximum data exploitability. The reliability of our data centers is guaranteed by Tier III certification.

Companies Management
  • Michal Tománek
  • Investment Director
  • Milan Sameš
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of ARICOMA Group
IT Services

We help startups launch growth and global expansion

We rely on partnerships with global technology leaders and the extensive expertise of our professionals. Our vision is to create permanent value based on strong and lasting partnerships with the entrepreneurs we support, and with other investors. We are a partner to small and large enterprises in helping them streamline IT operations, reduce operating costs, and improve flexibility to facilitate the implementation of development plans.

IT Startups

We invest in expensive biotechnology

Biotechnology research and the transfer of the results derived from it to the marketplace is a very costly, high-risk enterprise. KKCG is one of a small number of Czech corporations engaged in this area. We develop state-of-the-art medical devices that improve the quality of life for patients. Our funding provides support for clinical trials of Senescence and MitoTam developed by Professor Jiří Neužil at the Institute of Biotechnology.

Companies Management
  • Eugen Chicevič
  • CEO and Cofounder, MEDICEM

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