Oil, gas & industry

We are a strong multinational group providing drilling services and producing crude oil and natural gas in the Czech Republic and in other countries. We run gas storage facilities for natural gas, and we are a leading force on the wholesale market for electricity and gas, as well as the fastest growing alternative supplier in the residential segment.

1/2 our success

Our geothermal well will provide clean energy for the Eden Project

Our geothermal well will provide clean energy for the Eden Project

  • 4,500 m

    depth of well in first project phase

  • 55 m

    height of drilling rig

  • 5th project

    of MND DS in geothermal energy

MND Drilling and Services (MND DS), with its high-performance Bentec 450 drilling rig, is involved in a geothermal well in Cornwall, UK, which will create a renewable, recirculating power source for the EDEN site. With this contract, the company makes a significant move into the promising geothermal energy segment.

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2/2 our success

A quarter of a million customers receive energy from MND

A quarter of a million customers receive energy from MND

  • 89,743 customers

    receive our gas

  • 83,391 customers

    receive our electricity

MND is one of the fastest growing new suppliers in the energy market. Currently, 173,100 customers receive energy from MND, 89,743 customers gas and 83,391 customers electricity.

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Business areas in oil, gas & industry

We develop new, innovative methods of energy production

In recent years, we have expanded our business mission from the exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas to cover further activities and processes, especially in the field of protecting the natural environment. These include CCS, developing solutions so that we become more self-sufficient in our energy use using blue and green energy sources.
We see potential in geothermal energy, which is one of the closest energy sources to our original business mission. We’re currently assessing how we can use obsolete oil and gas wells to develop geothermal energy sources. Moreover, we’re intensively building renewable energy sources such a wind and solar energy. The largest project of this type is the construction of the Oriv wind farm in Ukraine.
Exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas sources remain an important part of MND’s busi-ness activities, however. Our exploration and extraction activities currently extend to the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Georgia.

Companies Management
  • Jana Hamršmídová
  • Energy Division Director
Energy Sources

Multi-national drilling activities and probe repairs

We are a drilling contractor that is engaged international activities in several European countries. As well as providing comprehensive services in the drilling and rigging of exploration and production wells for oil and natural gas, our portfolio is expanding. In the past few years, our focus has shifted to drilling hydrothermal and geothermal wells, and wells for underground gas reservoirs. Our mod-ern Bentec drilling rigs can be activated directly through a high-voltage circuit. This allows them to drill deep geothermal wells and limit their greenhouse gas usage.
Our other activities include underground probe repairs and the ecological destruction of outdated probes that are no longer in use.

Companies Management
  • René Kachyňa
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Drilling and Services

Energy Storage

We have storage capacities in excess of 500 million m³. We have been building and operating un-derground reservoirs since 1999. In 2001, we built an underground reservoir in Uhřice. Twelve years later, the facility was significant modernized and it is now one of the most advanced and flexible reservoirs in Europe. As of 2021, it is capable of storing hydrogen mixed with natural gas of a level up to 5% H2. This allows it to store transformed electrical energy. One year later, in 2022, we com-pleted the acquisition of the Stockstadt and Hähnlein underground reservoirs in Germany. These are also ca-pable of storing hydrogen mixed with natural gas as transformed electrical energy. In 2016, we launched PZP
Dambořice, one of the largest underground reservoirs in the Czech Republic.

Companies Management
  • Karel Luner
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
Energy Storage

One of the Biggest Energy Traders in the Czech Republic

We are a major player in the European market for gas storage capacity. Commodities traded by MND Trading include gas, electricity, oil, coal, and carbon dioxide allowances. MND Trading pursues a strategy of dynamic international expansion.

Companies Management
  • Martin Pich
  • Head of Front Office – Trading


A strong retail brand
We entered the retail segment in 2014. Despite strong competition on the Czech energy market and the unwillingness of customers to change suppliers, we have been able to build a strong brand. Because we realize our own mining operations and price monitoring on the wholesale market, we are able to provide our customers with long-term, competitive prices.

One of the largest energy commodity traders in the Czech Republic
At the same time, we are a major European player in the gas storage capacity market. MND Trading trades in commodities such as gas, electricity, oil, coal and CO2 allowances and is dynamically ex-panding its geographic coverage.

Companies Management
  • Lukáš Pokrupa
  • Head of Retail Division

Methanol is a key industrial commodity and an integral part of the global industrial sector

Worldwide demand for methanol is over 100 million tons per year. Historically, the U.S. has been a net importer of methanol, however current gas price dynamics created an opportunity for increased domestic production. Methanol is a key basic commodity used widely in other chemical processes and other high growth end-uses such as fuel blending. We are relocating and rebuilding our methanol plants in natural gas-rich West Virginia. We will offer our customers pure, made-in-the-USA methanol.

Companies Management
  • Katarína Kohlmayer
  • Member of the Board of Directors and Group CFO
  • Katarina Kohlmayer
  • Member of the Board of Directors and Group CFO

We invest in the mechanical industry

Our business started with an investment in the mechanical industry. In 1992, Karel Komárek founded M.O.S Hodonín specializing in industrial fittings. Four years later, M.O.S. Hodonín became Moravia Systems, which is now an important supplier of high-quality mechanical products and ranks among preferred contractors for capital construction projects. Our clients and partners include renowned international corporations from Europe and overseas.

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