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An international music festival celebrating the world-famous Czech composer Antonín Dvořák.

The  Dvořák  Prague  International  Music  Festival  is  a  tribute to  the  musical  genius  of  Antonín  Dvořák,  the  world’s  most acclaimed Czech composer. Our respect and admiration for his accomplishments were at the root of the idea to create a  classical  music  festival  commemorating  Dvořák’s  legacy. Since  its  inception,  the  event  has  built  an  international reputation on the incontestable, time-proven quality of the composer’s works.

The  festival  has  filled  one  of  the  last  blanks  on  the  map of  today’s  cultural events.  Astonishing  though  it  may  be, there had previously been no major celebration of Antonín Dvořák’s phenomenal works.

KKCG Group is proud to have stood at the birth of this exceptional event.

The  festival  showcases  outstanding  soloists,  conductors, world-renowned orchestras  and  chamber  ensembles  that congregate in Prague to present Dvořák’s music, as well as the  works  of  other  celebrated  composers,  to  prestigious international audiences in the Czech capital.

The Dvořák Prague Festival also provides a stage for talented young  artists:  for many, their  performance  in  Prague’s Rudolfinum is their premiere appearance in front of a large audience.

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The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of public space, and thus the quality of life in cities and towns.

The Proměny Foundation was established by Karel Komárek towards the end of 2005, and has enjoyed the support of KKCG group ever since.

Mission Statement

The Karel Komárek Proměny Foundation actively works towards developing and improving the urban environment in the Czech Republic, and towards a broader awareness and understanding of the importance of architecture, landscaping, and the quality of one's environment for urban life.  It helps transform specific sites and thus the way people think, starting with the youngest citizens.

The Foundation envisions a future in which decent, safe and attractive public space is a natural part of life, and in which those who shape public space and fill it with purpose and content work together across a broad platform.

Grant Schemes

The Foundation provides pinpointed assistance within the context of three grant schemes: Parks, Playful Garden and Transform your Town.  Projects aimed at the development of urban space receive financial support and professional advice.

The Parks program focuses on comprehensively planned and premeditated projects for the conversion of public space into parkland.  Through the Playful Garden program, the Foundation draws attention to the neglected importance of school gardens for children, for their healthy and well-rounded development, and for their exploration of the world which surrounds them. Finally, the Transform Your Town program is devoted to the improvement of urban space by supporting smaller local initiatives and more isolated ad-hoc changes.

These grant schemes are complemented by an educational program whose offer is geared towards adults and children alike.  The Foundation organizes conferences, excursions, seminars, creative workshops, and artistic workshops for children, publishes educational material, and operates the special-interest web portal  Its projects are designed such that they give budding creators and students of trade schools and art schools opportunities to shine.  Education and awareness building are woven into all projects supported by the Foundation, which believes it to be of key importance what people think of their immediate neighborhood, and what kind of emotional attachment they have towards it – a relationship which must be fostered from early childhood. 

Achievements and awards

The Foundation and the projects which it sponsors have received numerous awards. The Playful Garden program received the Eduína 2013 award for innovation in education, and the international Right to Play Award 2014 for promoting the right of children to play.  The projects which are implemented with the help of the Foundation are regularly successful in industry contests that give recognition to achievements in architecture, garden design, and landscaping, and are presented in prestigious anthologies and at exhibitions.

The Foundation collaborates with a host of professional associations and industry platforms.  Since 2017, it is a member of the International School Grounds Alliance.

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A charity supporting projects that solve long-term problems of people who have met with misfortune.

KKCG places great emphasis on charity projects. Through various activities, including employee initiatives, the group lends active support to projects that provide long-term solutions to problems faced by people in need who have the courage to fight their misfortune.

Aid is directed to organizations, as well as to individuals, who work on a voluntary basis in preparing activities that help improve the quality of life of handicapped children, young persons from socially weak families, and senior citizens. Assistance is also provided for healthcare and education.

Under a long-term partnership with the Good Deed civic association, the KKCG Group allots a certain amount of space in its marketing activities to telling the stories of specific people who have met with misfortune and have been forced to seek aid from Good Deed.

The KKCG Group is grateful to all employees and business partners who share its enthusiasm for the good cause and do not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

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A unique project that uses sensitive touch and artistic wisdom to bring together seemingly disparate musical genres.

In the less than 20 years since its inception, the Strings of Autumn Festival has become an exceptional event, the originality, sensitive programming, and artistic sagacity of which allow seemingly dissimilar music genres to be brought together. The festival's program relies on a bold combination of traditional and avant-garde musical styles, underscoring their diversity through innovative approaches that are often employed when least expected. The result is an unforgettable experience, the transparent purity and broad perspective of which make a deep impression on the listener.

This approach resonates with that of the KKCG Group, where projects are regarded from a distinct perspective, and opportunities are sought in areas that others choose to overlook. Vision, open-mindedness, and the courage to take the road less traveled are what KKCG and the Strings of Autumn have in common.

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The long-term goal is both simple and challenging – to increase the popularity of jazz as a music genre.

JazzFestBrnoSTBRNO international jazz festival was held in 2002. Originally a weekend-long affair, the event has developed into a cultural celebration that continues to treat Brno to a potpourri of jazz concerts, jam sessions, workshops, and other happenings. The festival brings the best contemporary jazz has to offer to fans who come to the South Moravian metropolis from the region, other parts of the Czech Republic, and abroad. The long-term goal is both simple and challenging – to increase the popularity of jazz as a music genre. The festival\'s concept is based on an effort to present jazz in the entirety of its styles, not only as a genre with a long tradition, but also as a medium open to experimentation and to the diverse influences offered by the world of arts.

Excellent and, at the same time, courageous programming combined with professional production has earned the event the reputation of one of the most important jazz showcases in the Czech Republic and Central Europe as a whole. The JAZZFESTBRNO brand has established itself not only among visitors and jazz fans, but also among jazz musicians. In fact, the JAZZFESTBRNO festival was the venue where a number of world-class players performed in the Czech Republic for the first time.

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A competition aiming to inspire young people and their parents to pursue a healthy lifestyle and to develop not only the mind, but also the body.

The  KKCG  Group  and  its  subsidiaries  pay  close  attention to  sports  and  the  sports-related  activities  of  children  and teenagers  at  both  the  regional  and  national  levels.  The objective  is  to  inspire  young  people  to  pursue  a  healthful lifestyle and to motivate them to develop both mind and body. The deciding factor for providing assistance is not talent, but the desire and perseverance to participate in sports and the resolve to improve.

MND is a long-standing supporter of regional sports clubs in the  Hodonín  District. In the past  10  years,  the  company  has been helping young track and field athletes on their paths to success, both in the Czech Republic and in the international arena.  Besides  athletics,  MND  supports  the  FK  Hodonín Soccer Club.

SAZKA  is  the  principal  partner  of  the  Czech  Olympic Foundation,  an  organization  that  supports  young  athletes aged 6–18.

SAZKA is committed to securing broad, nationwide support for sports and the sport-related activities of children and teenagers. The goal is to improve the lifestyle of today’s young  generation  and  return  to  the  traditional  values  of Olympism.

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The SAZKA Olympic Multiathlon is a key project of the Czech Olympic  Committee  executed  in the  framework  of  a  long-term  campaign  aimed  at  supporting  sports  and  a  healthy lifestyle  –  Czech  Republic  Plays  Sports.  Instead  of  seeking “best results”, the campaign’s main objectives are to involve as many elementary school children as possible in eight sport disciplines during physical education classes and, at the same time,  motivate  them  to  pursue  a  physical  activity  of  their choice as their pastime.

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