Our business is built on our inherent advantages. They include the size and resources of the KKCG Group, our location in the heart of Europe, IT expertise, and extensive experience with effective management and market entry strategies.

Michal Tománek
Investment Director, KKCG

Our vision consists of creating permanent values based on strong and lasting partnerships with the entrepreneurs we support, their business partners, and our investors. We seek suitable opportunities for investing and assist companies in improving their management processes, in stimulating their growth,

and in launching their global expansion. Our business also includes providing professional cloud, IT, and telecommunication services. We rely on partnerships with global technology leaders, proprietary state-of-the-art call centers and data centers, and the extensive expertise of our specialists.

We are a partner to both small and large enterprises in assisting them with streamlining IT operations, reducing operating costs, and improving flexibility to facilitate the implementation of development plans. The reliability of our data centers is guaranteed by certification at the Tier III level.

mil. EUR

The Springtide Ventures
capital fund plans to invest
as much as

EUR 60 million

into startup companies.



  • Marek

    Executive Director
    Springtide Ventures
    Marek Jablonský

    Formerly the Managing Director of Informační Linky, a leading provider of 118x directory services, he was responsible for shaping the firm's business strategy in the Czech Republic while

    it was owned by the Telefónica Corporation. Prior to joining Telefónica, he spent several years working as a management consultant in the United Kingdom and was one

    of the founders of a provider of innovative internet solutions.

  • Martin

    CEO, SafeDX
    Martin Smekal

    Responsible for the management of a joint venture of KKCG and Foxconn, which focuses on the development of cloud services provided from a proprietary data center. Having joined KKCG in the spring

    of 2013 to assume an important role in the strategic development of this relatively new business segment, he previously spent 20 years working for various multinationals,

    mainly specializing in corporate, IT, and financial consulting.

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We help startups from across Central Europe breathe a life into their business ventures and facilitate the fulfillment of the visions and global ambitions of their founders.

Our Companies

  • Springtide Ventures
    • GEEWA
    • ThreatMark
    • plainID
    • Spotinst
  • CAD Studio
  • Conectart
  • DataSpring

Springtide Ventures

  • Investment fund helping IT startups in the CEE region bring their visions to life and fulfill the global ambitions of their founders.
  • Actively seeks investment opportunities with a view to assisting in their development from the pre-seed stage all the way through to large-scale success.
  • Brokers contacts between entrepreneurs and their customers and business partners around the globe, helps shape business strategies, solve problems and avoid pitfalls relating to business expansion, and, where necessary, puts together teams of seasoned professionals.
  • Investments into various projects range from thousands to millions of euros, with financing available for high-potential ventures that fall outside this range.
  • Read more about Springtide Ventures at


  • AUTOCONT has been supplying goods, services, and solutions for information and communication technologies since 1990.
  • AUTOCONT is number one on the market for IT services to medium and large clients.
  • AUTOCONT supplies corporate infrastructure and corporate information systems, develops software, and offers IT outsourcing and cloud services.
  • AUTOCONT operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Last year, AUTOCONT Holding companies had a combined headcount of one thousand employees, and their consolidated revenues were in excess of CZK 4 billion.
  • For additional information about AUTOCONT, visit

CAD Studio

  • CAD Studio delivers solutions for manufacturing design and related processes – 3D and 2D computer assisted design (CAD), computer assisted manufacture (CAM), computer assisted engineering (CAE), and product data management (PDM)
  • BIM/CAD solutions for a wide range of construction applications, including buildings, transport infrastructure, and other structures.
  • GIS and asset management solutions provided by CAD Studio are used in the administration of buildings, infrastructure, and industrial complexes.
  • CAD Studio is a leader in the segment of visualization software and visual effects for the film and gaming industries.
  • Read more about CAD Studio at


  • Provides information and assistance services, especially in emergencies. Searches for contact information and brokers services offered by businesses referenced by customers.
  • Strives to improve the quality of services by allowing customers to choose from a multitude of providers. Supports firms committed to high quality that place the customer at the center of their focus. Operates an intelligent system that allows customers to use references given by other clients with a view to helping users avoid unreliable and poor-quality businesses and providers.
  • Thorough monitoring of the quality of service is an absolute priority.
  • Offers tools allowing service providers committed to quality and long-term customer satisfaction to communicate with potential clients through special offers and recommendations.
  • The 1188 line is the only information and assistance service of its kind in the Czech Republic. Operators are able to quickly find contact information for virtually any company, person, service, craftsman, taxi, restaurant, or government office. Services include searching for transport connections, over-the-phone navigation, cinema program guide, among countless others.
  • Read more about Informační linky at


  • DataSpring was the fastest-growing technology firm in the Czech Republic in 2016 (according to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 survey).
  • The firm offers cloud and IT services from its own data center in the Czech Republic – with maximum security, from a single platform, through a team of professionals.
  • Thanks to its analytical and processing competencies, DataSpring is able to extract the maximum of information from data, which is vital for its clients' successful growth and lets them identify and unlock new opportunities.
  • DataSpring also offers operational IT support, including a 24/7 service desk.  
  • DataSpring holds TIER III and ISMS certification pursuant to ISO/IEC 27001:2017.
  • More information about DataSpring can be found at


  • A joint venture held 50:50 by the KKCG investment group and by Foxconn.
  • The firm operates a medium-sized data center in Prague that offers the outsourcing of IT operations and cloud services, with the focus on CEE and Asia.
  • The firm offers its clients bespoke solutions that are tailored towards their needs. The solutions which it proposes are based on a safe, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective approach. 
  • More information about the company can be found at


  • GEEWA is one of the leading developers and producers of traditional multiplayer competition games in the Central and Eastern European region. GEEWA's cross-platform games, including the popular Pool Live Tour, bring together players from the entire world. Through its games and portals run from the firm's Prague-based branch, GEEWA serves millions of gamers worldwide month after month.


  • The Techloop platform is a digital recruitment marketplace that completely changes the way IT professionals are looking for work. It allows them to remain anonymous and still receive job offers directly from potential employers. At present, it brings together more than 20,000 IT professionals with more than 1,000 potential employers across the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Sweden.
  • Read more about at


  • ThreatMark focuses on developing software solutions to protect against cyber attacks and identity fraud in an online environment.
  • It also deals with extensive research in the field of malware detection, artificial intelligence and behavioral biometrics, and applications of this knowledge are applied in production environment especially to banking customers.
  • Reade more ThreatMark at


  • PlainID has developed an advanced identity management solution that takes account of corporate strategy requirements. It minimizes complexity, and enables an agnostic and easily configurable parent layer to allow business owners to control and fine-tune access to data in real-time.
  • Read more about plainID at 


  • Spotinst is a unique cost-oriented cluster, across data-centers and instance types, auto-scaled and auto-optimised. Spotinst can be deployed on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
  • Spotinst chooses the most cost-effective compute resources based on your application workload, allowing you to focus on your business growth rather than chasing ghosts.
  • Read more about Spotinst at


  • Cloud4com was established in 2010 to provide customers with data center services on the infrastructure-as-a-service basis (IaaS). Cloud4com delivers top-level computing power, disk space, network components, and security, all combined with a guaranteed high level of reliability and availability. Thanks to advanced system administration tools and processes, customers can take advantage of the flexibility of Cloud4com's services and invest effectively in relying on SLAs tailored to meet their specific needs.
  • The growing portfolio of Cloud4com's customers comprises medium and large corporations, public institutions, and government organizations.


  • The KKCG Group holds a 20% ownership interest in BIO-NEXUS.
  • BIO-NEXUS is developing an innovative and unique technology combining the most modern developments in Embedded Reality in order to form a solution that will guide the users through the relevant process.
  • The core competence of Bio-Nexus is a Mobile workflow processing software platform that is ready to be deployed.  The product facilitates rapid workflow processing, in environments such as maintenance, critical real time supervision and where accurate execution depends on an efficient workflow processing can make a difference.
  • The Mobile Workflow Engine is used to manage, in a Creative and innovated way a process characterized by High cost and High risk, such as Aircraft Fleet maintenance.
  • Read more about the BIO-NEXUS at


  • CLEERIO aims to become the preferred provider of B2B services in the segment of map information systems. The company's platform is used by numerous applications in many sectors, where CLEERIO relies on the expanding segment of distribution and development partners, particularly in the U.S. and the EU.
  • The CLEERIO platform provides services that are used by thousands of satisfied customers from the ranks of municipalities, corporate managements, large landowners, farmers, and mining companies.
  • CLEERIO supplies its customers with advanced tools for data administration, analysis, and visualization. The firm's cloud system significantly simplifies and shortens the development of specialized B2B solutions by combining private and public data sets.