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Our lottery companies awaken people's desire to live their dreams.

Pavel Šaroch
Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Investment Officer

SAZKA Group is a joint venture of the KKCG Investment Group (75%) and EMMA CAPITAL (25%). The SAZKA Group owns the largest Czech lottery company, SAZKA, and holds a stake in OPAP, a Greek lottery company that is one of the largest lottery corporations in Europe.

Owns an indirect share in the Austria-based companies CASAG and Austrian Lotteries and is a member of a consortium holding a license to operate the Italian lottery Lotto, where it puts into use its extensive experience with the entertainment and gaming industry.

The SAZKA Group provides highly competitive voice and data mobile communication services under the SAZKAMobil brand.

KKCG Entertainment & Gaming

  • Lotteries and betting games
  • Scratch tickets
  • Virtual mobile communication services
  • Online gaming platforms
  • Robert

    Robert Chvátal

    As CEO he takes part in ensuring continuous development and ensures that the company keeps pace with new trends, while emphasizing trustworthiness, innovation and teamwork. He started his professional

    career as a marketing specialist at Procter & Gamble and Reckitt Benckiser. In 1997, he joined T-Mobile Czech Republic as Marketing Director, and in the course of the subsequent

    decade served as CEO of T-Mobile in Austria and Slovakia.

  • Kamil

    Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Kamil Ziegler

    Prior to joining OPAP, he was the CEO of the SAZKA lottery company acquired by KKCG in December 2012. Previously, he served as CFO with the PPF GROUP. He has extensive experience with the banking

    industry, having worked as the Managing Director of Raiffeisenbank and Konsolidační banka and a Deputy Managing Director of Česká spořitelna. He is the Vice

    President of the Czech Club of Financial Directors.

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SAZKA made millionaires out of

288 people in 2015.

Our Companies

    • SAZKA
    • OPAP
    • Casinos Austria
    • Lottoitalia


  • A joint venture of the KKCG Investment Group and EMMA Capital.
  • KKCG and EMMA CAPITAL hold a stake of 75% and 25%, respectively.
  • The two investment groups have joined forces and brought together their expertise in the gaming, lottery, and entertainment industries to build the biggest European corporation specializing in lotteries and betting games.
  • The SAZKA Group holds stake in the Czech lottery company SAZKA and the Greek lottery company OPAP as well as in Casinos Austria and Lottoitalia.
  • For more information about the SAZKA Group, visit www.sazkagroup.com.


  • Largest lottery company in the Czech Republic with a 93% market share.
  • Main products include number lotteries, most notably Sportka, scratch tickets, sport odds betting, and fast turnover games.
  • Portfolio of non-lottery products relies on mobile phone recharging, sale of tickets, payments for goods and services, and mobile communication services marketed under the SAZKAmobil brand.
  • Products are sold through a unique network of 7,200 points of sale located throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Regular member of the largest and most important international lottery organizations – European Lotteries (EL) and World Lottery Association (WLA).
  • Vision – entertainment (broad and universally accessible portfolio of games), transactions (fast and reliable service), communications (simple and widely accessible), and support for sports.
  • Fundamental values – openness, respect, teamwork, enthusiasm, determination and loyalty.
  • Read more about SAZKA at www.sazka.cz.


  • Greek national lottery established in 1958, one of the largest lottery companies in Europe today.
  • Main products include number games (PROPO, LOTTO, PROTO, PROPOGOAL, JOKER, BINGO-LOTTO, ΚΙΝΟ, SUPER 3, SUPER 4, and 5 from 35) and odds betting.
  • Earnings before and after taxes in 2015 amounted to EUR 4.3 billion and EUR 209,9 million, respectively.
  • EMMA Delta Helenic Holding holds a 33% share in OPAP. The KKCG Groups holds a 44.7% share in EMMA Delta.
  • Read more about the OPAP Group at www.opap.gr.

Casinos Austria

  • The SAZKA Group owns through the Austrian Gaming Holding an indirect 11.34% share in the Austria-based company Casinos Austria AG.
  • CASAG is a leading gaming company that operates domestically in many locations in Austria and internationally in a host of other countries. In 2015, its consolidated revenues amounted to over EUR 3.6 billion.
  • CASAG holds a 68% stake in Österreichische Lotterien Gesellschaft m.b.H., the monopoly operator of lotteries in Austria which recorded revenues in excess of EUR 3 billion in 2015.


  • In 2016, a consortium of the Italian Gaming Holding and its foreign partners, Lottomatica, Novomatic Italia S.p.A., and Arianna 2001 S.p.A., was awarded a nine-year license to operate the Italian lottery Lotto.
  • The SAZKA Group owns a 32.5% stake in Lottoitalia SRL.
  • The price for a nine-year license is EUR 770 million.
  • The annual volume of bets generated by Lotto is in excess of EUR 7 billion.
  • For additional information about Lotto, visit wwww.lottomaticaitalia.it